[PHM’s current on-site study series] This series blasts through the Scriptures original 5 books, from the incredibly unique perspective of “Hebrews in the Wilderness hearing it all for the first time.” See THE LAW as God building up a “recovering” people,  towards being an “exemplar” people for Himself on the earth.

Voice Of Paul/Luke

This 36-week series covers “the basic frame of the entire New Testament.” Uniquely, it integrates Paul’s writings (the LARGEST NUMBER of books in the NT!) into that of the two LONGEST books in the NT (written by Luke)–altogether covering 16 total books and thus the backbone story of the early Church.


Voice Of John

This 15-week series covers 5 NT books written by the Apostle John (Gospel, 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John, Revelation). John and his writings were especially “formational,” and this series’ overall theme is: Just like life and love itself, Jesus is the very beginning and ending of your intended identity.

3 Waves of Prophets

17 OT  books is a lot, plus they can be poetic and cryptic–thus, they are rarely consulted for “building God’s people.” This series changes all that. All 17 fall into 1 of 3 “waves” of Israel’s crucial history, and from this key we tap them as a TOTAL GOLD MINE for grasping (1) God’s deep personality, (2) the genius balance between personal spirituality & society-ethics, and (3) the Future’s precise shapes.


Voice of Matthew

Matthew writes this account of Israel’s long-awaited king in such a way that his readers—an eclectic mix of Hebrews, Samaritans, Greeks, & Gentiles—might observe Jesus’ teachings as that unifying force for Jesus’ followers to live dynamically in community together

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