Dude this blog-page of mine is a Teaser. I got a book in my earlobes and I am going to write it. I can not tell you it just now but it is some combo of a wannabe Autobiography rolled into an Historical Fiction rolled into two Masters Degrees of thought rolled into my hero MLK’s search for the Beloved Community.

Research and marinating are the main advances of it right now, plus plenty journaling snippets of it to boot. I start a more serious penning of it in Fall 2021, palindrome 1 year after that, then send to print in 2023.

It is my opinion that an anthropological zeal is now happily rampant everywhere, despite what you might say of your enemy’s system. This sweep has been “being-built” for a long time and let’s our generation make it catch some gear will ya; to do that, our imaginations need stretched. So I write my book.

Hey buy my book in 2023 but right now put your 2023 contact info right here plus your opinion about what ought to get written and repaired in the world and how and also either a rant or encouragement.

– Kevin